Why More People Should Start Individual Fundraisers

Starting an online fundraiser for an individual is becoming more and more popular. However, it’s not yet considered a norm.


When someone is in need, the first thing you’ll often think about is selling what you own or taking out a loan. This is often unsustainable. Fundraising websites like GoGetFunding prove that individual fundraising can be and is hugely successful. There are countless stories of people or families raising hundreds of thousands over just a few days.


Everyone we know can now so easily be reached on the Internet so there has never been a better time to start an online fundraising campaign. Furthermore, someone that costs person X $10,000 will be some much easier to attain if it is spread out over 100 people that care.


Online fundraising is the way forward – spread the word!

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The Biggest Online Fundraising Mistake

Whilst fundraising for myself and others, it quickly became apparent that there are many small mistakes one can make that can lead to a huge decline in the amount of money you raise.


‘Small mistakes’ involve not testing your fundraiser before you share it, setting the wrong target, not updating donors and not utilizing all of your networks. These kinds of mistakes will typically mean that you raise 10 to 20% less of what you really could have.


However, the biggest mistake is not speaking to your network before blasting them your fundraising link. Nothing will alienate them more than that – especially the people that feel really close to you. This mistake is really easy to avoid. Simply speak to your closest contacts before you actually sent them your fundraising link.


That way they’ll will really feel a part of your campaign and in addition to donating, will often promote the page too! Now that is something you can’t miss out on!

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Fundraising Nerves

One thing that I found very little written about was fundraising nerves. Yet – it was such a strong feeling even weeks before launching my personal fundraising campaign. As a result, here are my top tips on how to get rid of those fundraising nerves:


  • Speak to the people that are going to see your campaign. That will help you get a much better idea on what people think of the whole concept.
  • Don’t delay it too much. If you do, it can often just lead to you over-thinking
  • Include a video in your pitch. That’s a much better way of getting your emotions across and it helps to get the nerves out.
  • Get 1 or 2 of your closest friends / family members to make the first donation. It’s easy to feel a bit unnerved before the first donation comes in.


Implementing those tips will really help you enjoy your fundraising campaign as you should!

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